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BBC: “Pashtun Peace Prophet Goes Global”

As the international community discusses its policies towards violence-stricken Afghanistan and Pakistan, a question arises time and again - how to pacify and win the support of the Pashtun population? (Read full article)

The Toronto Star: “India's ‘Frontier Gandhi:’ Teri McLuhan's doc explores an almost forgotten peacemaker”

In archival photos of Badshah Khan standing next to his fellow peace advocate Mahatma Gandhi, it would be easy to mistake Khan for a bodyguard. (Read full article)

Reuters: "‘Frontier Gandhi’ brings Pashtun peace icon to life"

Badshah Khan was so close to Mahatma Gandhi they shared reading glasses, inspiring jokes about their shared vision, but unlike his friend, the Pashtun champion of non-violent struggle has been almost forgotten by his people. (Read full article)

“a hugely inspiring film”

“magnificent in many ways”

“a powerful work”

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